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The Ultimate Custom Market Map Creator


Get to understand business ecosystems.

There are over 190 million companies in this world. To understand markets, it's key to know the competitors, customers, owners and other stakeholders. The custom market map maker of Ecomap, allows you to create visually compelling business ecosystems in a simple drag and drop way. Just add a name of an organisation and the system collects all additional information automatically — and all for free.

Whether you're a marketing veteran in need of new strategies, a market researcher fed up with copying&pasting logos, or you just love market maps — you're at the right place.

Make your first market map

What is a market map?

A market map is a study of various market conditions that is plotted on a map to identify trends and corresponding variables between different players in a market. Market mapping can help companies and market researcher locate gaps and it's useful to analyse competitors

What are market maps used for?

Pictures work better than Excel tables. Studies have proven that people remember visual presentations 55% more likely than just text presentation. A market map is therefore the perfect instrument to convey a market insight to your CEO, in a fast, intuitive and emotional way.

Your custom market map

It's easy to start creating your own market map. In the search field, you search for a company, then drag the logo to the board and connect or group the logos. For annotation, use the markers, which allows you to add line, rectangle or text boxes to the board.

Your Guide to custom market maps

Once you’ve created the market map of your choice, the party isn’t over yet. In the background we have collected for you and the market map audience more information related to the stakeholders or companies on the board. Check the info button to see other details such as website, CEO or headquarters of each company.

How do I share the market map?

You can share the link of the market map on a social network, it will automatically generate a preview of the map, that you don't have to screenshot. Another way is to export the map as .jpg file and add it to a PowerPoint presentation. Apart from PDF generation, there is also the possibility to embed the market map to or your own website. Embedding allows you to have the interactivity of the map preserved, it allows user to click on the logo and get additional information about the company.

Getting Started with ecosystem mapping

Once you’ve got a market map in place, and the insights are communicated, it’s common to wonder what’s next. We’ll take care of updating and maintaining your market map. On one hand, the community maintains the different stakeholders, that you always have the most recent data. On the other hand, we offer a subscription-based market research service, which allows you to get market maps updated with companies joining (e.g. start-ups) the market or leaving the market (e.g. bankruptcy). Go beyond the world of market maps. Let's discuss some common market mapping tactics, to give you ideas on how you can provide transparency into your evolving ecosystem. 

You Might Be Wondering...

Who is behind Ecomap?

This market mapping tool is brought to you by the fine folks at Ecomap. We are a team of 3 people having 26+ years of experience in the field of marketing and data analysis.

What are the data sources Ecomap uses?

We use a mix of proprietary and public databases to get stakeholder information. For example, the URL is sourced from a simple Google Search. The revenue number is from a partner database we are licencing the data from.

Can I create private market maps?

We’re glad you asked! You sure can. Just click this link right here, and enter your email address. You can create private or public market maps and you can create up-to three public market maps for free.

Can I start building custom market maps right now?

By all means! In fact, we’d love that. Check out this page to get started with Ecomap right away. We will send you also more links to video tutorials, that you can cut your learning curve in half.

Ready to Get Started?

Ecomap is a leading custom market map builder in the world. With thousands of users, and millions of visits to the market maps that've been built by our clients, we've learned a lot about market mapping and providing insights into ecosystems—and we're excited to share that knowledge with you.